Туровые программы

ABBA 'Northern Lights' 1979
Accept 'Russian Roulette' 1986
AC/DC 'For Those About To Rock' 1982
Alice Cooper 'The Nightmare Returns' 1986
Alice Cooper 'Trash' 1989
Black Sabbath 'Heaven And Hell' 1980
Black Sabbath 'Mob Rules' 1981
Black Sabbath 'TYR' 1990-1991
Black Sabbath 'Reunion Tour' 1999
Cult 'Sonic Temple Tour' 1989-1990
David Gilmour 'About Face. On Tour 1984'
David Gilmour 'World Tour 2006'
Deep Purple 'Slaves And Masters Tour' 1991
Dio 'Holy Diver' 1983
Dio 'Intermission' 1986
Electric Light Orchestra 1981
Gillan 'Magic Tour' 1982
Meat Loaf 'Neverland Express Euro 1982 Tour'
Meat Loaf 1999
Monsters of Rock 1981
Monsters of Rock 1984
Monsters of Rock 1986
Monsters of Rock 1987
Monsters of Rock 1990
Nazareth 'World Tour' 1979 с билетом
Motorhead 'Iron Fist Tour' 1982
Motorhead 'Another Perfect Tour' 1983
Judas Priest 'World Tour 1979'
Judas Priest 'Point Of Entry 1981'
Ozzy Osbourne 'World Tour 1983'
Ozzy Osbourne 'World Tour 1984' с билетом
Ozzy Osbourne 'World Tour 1986' с билетом
Ozzy Osbourne 'No More Tour's Tour' 1992
Ozzy Osbourne 'Retirement Sucks' 1995
Pink Floyd 'The Wall' 1979
Pink Floyd 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' 1989
Pink Floyd 'The Division Bell' 1994
Queen 1980
Queen 'Magic Tour' 1986
Rainbow 'Long Live Rock'n'Roll' 1977
Rainbow 'European Tour' 1980 с билетом
Rainbow 'Difficult To Cure' 1981
Roger Waters 'The Wall in Berlin' 1990
Uriah Heep 'Live January 1973' (2 LP + 10 стр. программа)
Uriah Heep '10th Anniversary Tour' 1980
Whitesnake 'Come And Get It'
Whitesnake 'Saints And Sinners' 1982 European Tour
Whitesnake 1983 Japan Tour
Whitesnake 'Slide It In' 1984
Whitesnake 'Restless Heart' 1997

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